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Textiles are a form of expression, a reflection of culture, and a means to connect with others. In Malaysia, a vast diversity of textile traditions from Perlis to Sabah is still actively observed, either as ways of life, as careers, or in their customs and rituals.

The Hasanah Gold Threads Awards celebrate excellence and encourages innovation in Malaysian heritage textiles and textile techniques. We are dedicated towards recognizing and honouring the exceptional work of artisans who push the boundaries of heritage textiles.

The Awards aim to congregate the best of the country’s material culture, bringing together for the first time in one platform our major textile traditions and their makers.

Our objectives are:

  • To recognise excellence, creativity and skills in heritage textile production, allowing textile makers a boost in building their reputation and personal branding.

  • To offer exposure to award-winning makers, by opening up new opportunities to showcase their work, connect with other professionals in the industry, and to gain new clients or customers.

  • To validate the quality and innovation of a textile maker's work, providing a sense of assurance that they are on the right track and that their work is appreciated and valued by industry experts.

  • To motivate textile makers to continue refining their skills and to push the boundaries of their craft by inspiring them to take on new challenges and to strive for excellence in their work.

The Awards are open to all makers of heritage textiles in Malaysia, be it individuals, companies or associations. Apply NOW for a chance to be recognised as an ambassador of your textile craft.

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