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Threads. Woven into an expression of identity,  a reflection of culture, connecting from hand to hand,  generation to generation. The deep significance of traditional weaves and textiles to the fabric of Malaysia’s heritage is very much alive and practised today. Manifesting beautifully across diverse cultures from Perlis to Sabah.


The Hasanah Gold Threads Awards aims to celebrate excellence in Malaysian heritage textiles and to spur innovation and creativity.


The Hasanah Gold Threads Awards is dedicated towards honouring the sacred skills of makers and artisans, recognising exceptional pieces and pushing boundaries in traditional textile techniques. The mission of the Awards is to safeguard, preserve and conserve Malaysian heritage textiles, alongside creating a platform for a creative economy that supports the livelihood of local artisans.


Towards this, the Awards will centrestage the best of Malaysia’s intangible cultural heritage visible in our material culture. We aim to bring together our rich textile traditions and their skilled makers, and cast an eye towards broadening the appreciation and diversifying the end use of Malaysia’s traditional textiles.

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