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Applicants must submit a piece of work in one of the following textile categories:

  • Supplementary weft (including songket, dastar, sungkit, anyam)

  • Ikat (including pua kumbu, limar)

  • Drawing and stamping (including batik tulis, batik cap, telepuk)

  • Embroidery and embellishment (including tekat, keringkam, kelingkan, sulam, kerawang)

  • Plaiting (basketry techniques in various fibres)

  • Beadwork (including loom beading, stringing)

Each category carries two awards:

  • Best Traditional (with a cash prize of RM 25,000) For textiles produced in their traditional form and for their traditional use and via traditional production techniques.

  • Best Innovative (with a cash prize of RM25,000) For textiles produced demonstrating innovation in design, use and/ or production. These textiles must still be produced by hand, and contain traditional elements of the production process.

In addition to the two main awards, there will be a Special Mention award in each category with a cash prize of RM10,000 for applicants that the judges feel are worthy of commendation.

If a product is presented with more than one textile technique, the applicant may choose the category in which they wish the product to be judged under. For instance, a songket limar, may be considered as a submission under the supplementary weft or the ikat category.


Please take note of the timeline below for the 2023 awards programme.

8 May

20 August​

14 September

Call for Submissions

Final Date for Submissions

Announcement of Results

Exhibition of Submitted Textiles


Please download the application kit in order to complete the application form and other requirements. Instructions on how to apply are within the kit.


Application Kit in English

Application Kit in Bahasa Malaysia


We are foreign company based in Malaysia. Can we still participate in your event?

Yes, the Awards are open to all Malaysian companies which are producing textiles using traditional methods.

Are there any size requirement for the submitted textile product?

There is no size requirement, but please note that the all submissions shall be judged according to the adjudication criteria as detailed in the application kit.

Is the award open to producers working with different communities of craftspeople to produce the submission product?

Yes, the award is open to producers who work with multiple craftspeople to produce their submitted work. In this case, please provide the entire list of individuals involved in producing the item.

Can I collaborate with different individuals to design and produce the submission product?

We recognize that collaboration and teamwork are often essential to the creation of high-quality textiles, and we value the contributions of all members of the production team. In this case, please provide the entire list of individuals involved in producing the item.

Can I submit multiple entries of the Awards?

Yes, any one person or entity may submit multiple entries to be considered for the Awards. Please note that every submission is a separate application and each submission shall be adjudicated individually.

I have a product which uses three techniques: batik, embroidery and songket weaving. Which category should I submit my product under?

You may submit your product under any one of the 3 categories. In this case, you may choose to submit your product under the category that you wish for it to be judged.

What will happen to my submitted product after the Awards?

Your submitted product shall be returned to you to your Operations Address indicated in the Application Form. For Winners of the Awards, the organisers may wish to exhibit the submitted product after the Awards, and only return it at the completion of such activity.

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