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The Hasanah Gold Threads Awards aims to celebrate excellence in Malaysian heritage textiles and to spur innovation and creativity. 

The 2024 edition of the Awards is now open for submission. Be recognised as an ambassador of your textile craft, Apply Now

Key Dates For 2024

Submissions Open

Close of Submissions

Announcement of Results

4 April 2024

20 August 2024

September 2024

Textile Categories

The 2024 edition features the following Textile Categories:

  • Supplementary Weft (including songket, dastar, sungkit)

  • Ikat (including pua kumbu, limar)

  • Drawing and Stamping (including batik tulis, batik cap, telepuk)

  • Embroidery and Embellishment (including tekat, keringkam, kelingkan, sulam, kerawang)

  • Plaiting (basketry techniques in various fibres)

  • Beadwork (including loom beading, stringing)

Each Textile Category carries two awards and one special mention:

  • Best Traditional (with a cash prize of RM25,000) For textiles produced in their traditional form and for their traditional use and produced using traditional techniques.

  • Best Innovative (with a cash prize of RM25,000) For textiles produced demonstrating innovation in design, use and/or production. These textiles must still be produced by hand, and contain traditional elements of the production process.

  • Special Mention Award for each category (with a cash prize of RM10,000) for applications of worthy commendation.

Awards Criteria & Eligibility

Eligibility The Awards is open to all individuals Malaysian citizens and companies or associations registered in Malaysia where their constitution permits them to be producing textiles.

Criteria The Awards aims to celebrate excellence in craft and to be recognised as a benchmark for heritage textile production in Malaysia. In line with this, each submission is judged to the following criteria:

  • Excellence Demonstration of excellence and standard–setting quality in craftsmanship: determined by the use of high-quality materials, a high standard of technique and the special attention to manufacturing and finishing details

  • Authenticity Expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic values: demonstrated by a well-achieved application of aesthetic and cultural expression or traditional crafting techniques

  • Marketability Marketability of the product with potential for the regional and/or international market: related to the functionality of the product, the safe use by potential buyers, a balanced price-quality relationship or the sustainability of production

  • Innovation (for Best Innovative submissions) Innovation in design, use and production: demonstrated by an effective and successful blend of traditional and contemporary, or inventive and creative use of material, design, and production processes. 

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