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Yayasan Hasanah is a foundation of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, established on 1 July 2015, with the aim of creating greater impact that complements Khazanah’s efforts towards advancing Malaysia.

The foundation focuses on pressing community, social and environmental issues in Malaysia. It works to bring together policy makers, civil society organisations, corporations and local communities to enable collective impact for the people and environment.


As the title sponsor and co-presenter of the Hasanah Gold Threads Awards and The Ministry of Finance, Yayasan Hasanah through its Arts & Public Spaces pillar is dedicated towards safeguarding, preserving and conserving Malaysian heritage textiles, alongside creating a platform for creative economy that supports the livelihood of local artisans. 


Through its work in textiles, Yayasan Hasanah collaborates with expert partners in various initiatives such as preserving original Malaysian legacy motifs via digital documentation and intellectual property protection, capacity development training for the youths in heritage textile arts, developing experiential centres, and establishing this Hasanah Gold Threads Awards to celebrate excellence and innovation in local heritage textiles.​

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